Toodlelou runs creative exploration workshops for young people aged two to teen located in Galway and across Ireland.  At their heart, our workshops are designed to inspire. We strive to create an environment ripe with opportunity for exploring and experimenting with art and science concepts. We feel strongly that learning with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math gives kids the power to do almost anything they can dream up.

It is our goal to grow and encourage a new generation of open-minded, curious and innovative thinkers. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to give kids an opportunity to problem-solve on their own terms, to meet challenges with new ideas and to learn through experimentation, and yes, making mistakes.

Creativity is like scientific research in that it involves doing things that haven’t been done before. As such, creative endeavors are essentially experiments, and if they are really unique, you have no idea what will happen.

-Tina Seeling, inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity


Toodlelou was started in 2013 by Lindsay Deely, a Mom of two bubbly little boys, who wanted to create FUN way for kids to learn about and engage with science. Prior to starting Toodlelou, Lindsay spent 7 years working in the field of science communication and holds a Masters degree in Science Communication from Dublin City University.

Lindsay explains the idea behind Toodlelou: “Having spent many years bringing exposure to cutting edge science to kids across Ireland, I wanted to create a hands-on and fun way to explore science with young people and allow them the creative freedom to generate art, crafts, creations and experiments. STEAM activities are a joy to run. And parents love knowing their child is learning and exploring while having a brilliant time.”

Each Toodlelou workshop exposes kids to activities that are accessible, informative and fun.