Online Summer Camp

A fun online summer camp experience for kids. Science, arts & crafts and online learning to do at home!

We’re all in the same boat- the summer holidays stretch before us with very few of the old standbys to keep our kids busy while we attempt to get work done- or just have some time to ourselves.

Toodlelou felt that we could contribute, even in a small way, to keeping the kids busy and happy this summer and so have created a free 5-day online summer camp with themed activities and art for kids ages 4-9.

Toodlelou Online Summer Camp launches August 3rd!

There are lots of ways to use this online summer camp experience; choose what works best for you and your family.

  • You can do the summer camp together as a family
  • You can ask a babysitter, or grandparent to do the summer camp activities with your kids
  • Your children can do the summer camp on their own with a little assistance and supervision here and there, depending on their ages. (The video tutorials and easy-to-use printables make this especially easy!)
  • You can do all the activities in one week and be super gung ho about it or you can pick and choose a few here or there depending on your interest and summer schedule
  • You can participate in the weekly challenges or not as you choose