Upcoming Events

OCT 5 – 18 2020

We are absolutely delighted to be participating in this year’s Baboró festival!

For Colour My Life: Brighten Your Day we’re creating temporary, nature-based art installations in public parks across Galway city but we need your help!

Toodlelou artists will begin art installations at the designated parks and are inviting you to make your own artworks at home and then bring them to add to the installations at a time that suits you during the festival (5th to 18th October).

Find out more from the Baboró website.

In this hands-on pre-recorded workshop, Lindsay Deely of Toodlelou will take a look at one creature in particular – the humble bumblebee. Lindsay will talk about the important things that bees do for us every day, how to become a citizen scientist and the simple things we can do to attract bees to our gardens. During the workshop she will show students how to make a home for solitary bees that will be crafted using simple items found at home, in school, the recycling bin and in nature.

This is a schools workshop – find out more on the Baboró website