Toodlelou workshops have been delivered in a wide range of settings, from primary school classrooms to festivals, libraries and museums to preschools and parent & toddler groups. No group is too big or too small.

We offer a set range of workshops that might meet your needs- these include;

Rocket Power

What gives a rocket it’s incredible power? Can a rocket be powered by just single person? How high can a make-it-yourself rocket soar? These are the questions we’ll be asking and exploring in this hands-on STEAM workshop for primary students.
This workshop that will get kids’ brains firing and bring their excitement for science, engineering and design to great heights!

Through the Microscope

In this hands-on exploratory workshop, children will journey into the world of the very very small. Using award winning microscopy images
from life sciences as inspiration, participants will learn about the power
of the microscope, how and why they are used by scientists everyday, and be given the chance to examine a range of items at varying degrees of magnification. A gallery of incredible images will then be used as the jumping off point for experimental art making that will see participants attempt to replicate the work of scientists in their own miniature works of art.

Bespoke workshops are always available as well- the sky is the limit when it comes to topics that can be covered.

Every workshop that we create is based around open-ended discovery, curiosity, experimentation, and process-based art. We take a fail-forward mindset to everything we do.

It is our strong opinion that this approach teaches children that there are multiple ways to approach a problem; encourages young people to think for themselves and build confidence; positions adults as co-learners showing that it’s ok that we don’t always have all the answers; and positions experimentation, exploration, and boundary-pushing at it’s core to exercise the power of innovative thinking.